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The Perfume Lounge

Your visit to the Kingdom is definitely incomplete until you explore the magical ambience of The Perfume lounge. Located in the exclusive wing of Bahrain Seef Mall, This fragrance boutique is a niche perfume concept that houses artisanal scents from top international perfume studios.


Perfume Lounge Secrets

The Perfume Lounge Secrets signature collection is an embodiment of our own special and exclusive scented gifts that will definitely make a statement.

There is a level of personalization when it comes to niche fragrances that creates uniqueness to the clientele of The Perfume Lounge and through our ‘Secrets’ line, we have portrayed our creativity Special choices, selective ingredients, and the richness in presentation gives our ‘Secrets’ collection a high prestige-point. Be it our solo fragrances or our exclusive gift boxes, you will further celebrate your elegance and grace.

Our customized perfumes have complemented many occasions and were the perfect token of appreciation for loved ones and partners. We wrap our gifts with artistic love, personalized for the occasion and is perfect for the celebration.

We specialize in providing elite perfumes packaged with love.
Beyond the exquisite fragrances, we also focus on bespoke project and private label.
We have an extensive array of creative designs to satisfy any kind of request from customers.

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