Welcome to The Perfume Lounge

Your visit to the Kingdom is definitely incomplete until you explore the magical ambience of The Perfume lounge. Located in the exclusive wing of Bahrain Seef Mall, This fragrance boutique is a niche perfume concept that houses artisanal scents from top international perfume studios.

Driven by the passion of 3 businesswomen who have a flair for exclusive, individual and unique aromas, the perfume lounge embraces those who appreciate the difference of a seasonal rose and have an eye for elegance and grace.

With selective choices of fragrances from all over the world, we have decided to have a distinctive niche perfume collection you will only find in our boutique.

Perfumes from the East …orientals so strong
Soft western modes for you to long
Woody flavors to tantalize your sense
Spicy freshness for your sensual fence

Noses so famous for the elegant touch
Fragrances unique… you will long for much
Vintage flavors and furious scents
Aromas so exclusive …where niche is meant

There is no top secret for blending perfumes to make the ideal blend, thus even the best perfumes may spend years attempting to create the ideal mixture to carry out the name of the brand, the designer, creator, or the celebrity endorser.

However, before having branded celebrity perfumes, there used to be high-quality pure perfumes made by specialists that focus on conjuring scents outside the world. These perfumers indulged in exploring fragrances and creating scents with inspiring stories. That is why The  Perfume Lounge provides top quality niche perfume brands, from traditional high-quality perfume brands that used to dispense fragrances to the royal family and special modern aromas.

Sensual Salute

You are cordially invited you to discover the inspiring world of exclusive perfumes and fragrant ingredients where you will definitely find the fragrance that fits your personality and style.
Our collection of aspiring perfumes is of the highest standards. Inspired by the haute perfumeries in London, Paris and New York, we only offer niche brands.

The niche or collection perfume is about exclusivity just like fashion, therefore, “To be niche, is to be different” and this is what The Perfume Lounge scents are all about.

Sensual Service

An exclusive treat for all your senses, based on a balanced methodology, where you will receive highly personalized advice on which perfumes that suits you best. Hence, your scent is your most personal accessory.

The Perfume Lounge, our cherished name is a creative trend that has no same, embellished with specialized scent hostesses who will immerse you into the world of real perfumes.
“You are never fully dressed without perfume!” 
– C. JoyBell C.

Sensual Scents

Niche fragrances are usually produced on a very small scale and are rarely present in mainstream retail, that’s why they are thus referred to as niche. These are the scents you might likely to find at a perfume specialist or high-end fragrance boutique like The Perfume Lounge.

Such fragrances tend to have high-quality ingredients and a deeper concentration referred to as a sillage which is a scented trail left by the fragrance wearer. The sense of smell is the most powerful and emotional sell, this is why The Perfume Lounge invites you to a fascinating world of exclusive perfumes and scented ingredients to rediscover.

Sensual Approach

The “Nose” ( Perfumer) behind the selection of such perfumes works from a fragrance organ, composing flavors from its base materials to create accords, that are arranged into the final scent that will overwhelm you with its aura.

“Prestige” is a term we use for differentiating our brands from “others”. Our handpicked brands and furthermore our unique and exclusive fragrances are selected based on emphasis on scarcity of ingredients, limited editions and specific scents.

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