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It all began in 1902 when the company’s founder, Guillaume Berdoues, created an amber-coloured Eau de Cologne for men. The success of this product led the ‘new nose’ to found his perfumery business.

The priceless skills and knowledge handed down over four generations of parfumers have maintained the success of the brand from one period to the next.

Berdoues always keeps abreast of new trends and today offers a wide range of fragrances, Eaux parfumées and colognes.


Originating as a barbershop, Penhaligon’s offered its first fragrance in 1872, Hammam Bouquet. The fragrance was inspired by the neighboring Turkish Bath and its sulfurous steam. The company’s best-selling fragrance, 1902’s Blenheim Bouquet, created at the request of the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace, broke with the prevailing floral trends of its day to enchant with zesty citrus, spices and woods.

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Teo Cabanel

Founded in Algiers around 1893, by a French doctor and chemist, the Cabanel company dedicates itself to creating essences for colognes, quintessences for “extraits de mouchoirs” and a number of prestigious Colognes such as Demoiselle de Paris, Frina, Yasmina, etc.

Isabelle Ariana

Isabelle Ariana Perfumes was founded in 2009 as a French niche perfume.

It is an adventurous fragrant journey that will lead you into a secret world full of flowers, spices, fruits and wood.

With a declaration of love and passion for beautiful fragrances, Isabelle Ariana Perfumes conveys a ‘natural and true’ olfactory message dedicated to all its customers around the world.It is the company’s ambition to be recognized and remembered at all times for its longevity fine fragrances.

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The Countess de Presle  established Maison Detaille in 1905, named after the Countess’ husband, the brother of the painter Édouard Detaille.
After that, loose powders and toilet waters were added to the Préparations de Beauté. The names in the order book of the Saint-Lazare street store in Paris included the Queen of Bulgaria, the Queen of Belgium, several maharajahs, countesses, princesses and various personalities in the show business, arts, industry and politics.

Heritage Berbere

Heritage Berbere offers an exceptional journey into the senses of sight and smell.

Twilight, Passion, Boldness – Berbere Fuge for ladies and Touareg, Secret Oud, Nommatitude or Berbere, Earth for men; all creations of Marie-Jeanne; and fragrances of honey and almonds, mandarin ebony, black grenade- revitalizing scents that are a real awakening of the senses!

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George Rich

Georges Rech is a French fashion design house offering women’s clothing. In 1960, designer Georges Rech invented the ready-to-wear (prêt-à-porter) women’s luxury clothing as a compromise for a high fashion accessible.

The brand features femininity and allure of each woman through clothing combining subtle cuts, fine materials and attention to details.

Today Georges Rech collections in tune with the times, meet the requirements of a woman in her rights. A Georges Rech woman combines nature and femininity for So Chic style, So French, So Rech.


Vertus family,who accepts achieving perfection as their basic philosophy,continues to grow with a team which accomplished spreading their professional working ethics. Vertus has been serving in the industry of parfumes since 1996. Vertus parfumes are mostly served in the Middle East and Europe market. A prestigious and unique perfume collection which combines the poetic creativity with the high premium essences. Inspried global perfume trends with the oriental perfume tastes. A perfume art an exclusive new collection,perfumes that striking the soul.


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Roja Perfumes

Created By British Perfumer Roja Dove, Roja Parfums is widely recognised as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house.

Roja Dove is renowned for working with only the finest quality materials; from Rose de Mai, Jasmine de Grasse and natural Ambergris, all costing considerably more than pure gold, through to handmade, silk-lined boxes, and Swarovski encrusted, 24 carat gold coated caps, and candles with their fine fragrance grade oils mixed with the finest wax and painstakingly poured by hand, everything is made without compromise.


Designer Weil has 21 perfumes in our fragrance base. Weil is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1928 and the newest is from 2014. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Claude Fraysse.

Weil have launched a number of fragrances for use on skin. Some of its prominent fragrances features prominent notes of lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, cassia, peach, lemon, freesia, gardenia, jasmine.

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Pascal Morabito

1980 : Launching of “Or Noir”PASCAL MORABITO, the first jewel-perfume. OR NOIR perfume is referred in many books of perfume history and is presented in the permanent collection of the international Perfume Museum of Grasse. Today OR NOIR is among the 10 perfumes which have 30 years of life and sales.

1981 : Launching of “Or Black”, eau de toilette (for men). The perfume couple was born. Quoted in 2008 Luca Turin’s perfume guide as the best male fragrance.

1993 : He created the perfume “Nagada” homage to these millenia obscure

1997 : Launching of the “Passion Méditerranée” perfumes – Beach, Yachting and With Love


Exuma is a fragrance lover’s paradise inspired by people to embrace the art of living. Carefully selected compositions created in cooperation of love and passion. Crafted for what you need, but beyond what you expect. Diversity and opulent glow notes are reflection of the Parfum collection, which consists eight unique fragrance proposals. We call it – scents of the world. The Exuma brand’s exclusivity is given by the Prive line, which has been designed to exceed even the most discerning standards. Our brand creates most elevated fragrance experience in exotic and exclusive atmosphere.

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