Super Balm

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Super Balm


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Multi-purpose Super Balm.

100% natural and 100% adapted to travel

Paraben, dyes and silicon free and no petrochemical ingredients, is composed of 100% natural ingredients.

Notes: Cocoa butter (nourishes), Camelia (softens), Jojoba (relaxes), Borage (revitalises), Calendula (calms), Plum (anti-oxydant).

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How to use it:

1 – Protects and calms the lips with a gentle gloss
2 – Nourishes, repairs and deeply moisturizes very dry and rough areas of the body
3 – Intensely nourishes dry and very dry hands and softens cuticles
4 – Protects the skin, especially the exposed areas of the face like the nose and cheeks…