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100 ml

The rose is the most widely grown flower in the world, leading to a certain ambiguity in the symbolism that surrounds it. Yet if there is a reason why this Queen of Flowers – as the rose is known – is so coveted, it is surely its close association with love and weddings.

A floral and powdery scent: akin in fragrance and perfection to a wild rose, growing in humid woodland, tentatively illuminated by some hopeful rays of sun as they push their way through the scattered clouds.


Olfactory Family WOODY, FLORAL, POWDER
Head notes Morning Dew, Tangerine
Heart notes Cyclamen, Rose, Water Jasmine
Bottom notes Cedarwood, Musk, Raspberry, Sandalwood


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A collection that pays homage to the Maison’s historical association with make-up powders and blushers. Five floral, powdery fragrances created using the most iconic flowers to have inluenced French traditions and fashion.

The collection’s cases are also inspired by Dorin’s history. Off-white textured paper, embossing and gilding: a visual identity of purity and affluence. Each of the five fragrances is available in a 100ml spray edition of the brand’s trademark glass perfume bottle. An elegant gilded signature spells out Dorin on the lower part of the bottle.


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